Why Forest County?

Naturally…the Best Choice

Wisconsin’s Forest County is already home to a distinctive array of successful community business leaders and entrepreneurs. They have discovered that Forest County is much more than just a great place to vacation; it is a phenomenal place to live. Couple that with a progressive community ready to help you attain your business goals and you really can have the best of both worlds.

Check out the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s LocateInWisconsin feature to find available real estate.


Among the Reasons to Locate Your Business in Forest County:

  • A skilled workforce, mentored by generations-long ability to turn raw materials into superior and world-class finished product.

  • Premiere racing events draw national audiences and in-turn generate consumers for a variety of local businesses.

  • Current broadband initiatives will create the affordable technology infrastructure that is crucial for business.

  • Natural resources make Forest County a prime location for research facilities and environmental consulting firms.

  • A diversified local economy includes manufacturing, service industries, health care, tourism, agriculture and many small businesses.

  • Successful business enterprises delivering a variety of entertainment venues.

  • Craftsmanship and niche product capabilities distributed worldwide.

  • Local governments are dedicated to working cooperatively to promote business development and growth.

  • Over a century of tradition harvesting natural resources working as one with nature.

  • Manufacturing technology with computer-aided design working hand and hand with Engineering and Production departments assuring customers low cost, quality tooling & components, with Immediate response.

  • Room to grow with buildings and sites adaptable for any dimension and category of business.

  • An excellent combination of shipping arteries to get your product to market.

  • The available assistance of the FCEDP, one-stop shopping for available business and community resources.

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