Sep 29

Job Center of Wisconsin Will be at Forest County Workforce Development Center

On Tuesday, October 6th and 20th Job Center of Wisconsin staff will be at the Forest County Economic Development Partnership Workforce Development Center.  The hours will be 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  The Center is located in Crandon at the Forest County Visitor Center across from the County Courthouse.

The Forest County Economic Development Partnership Workforce Development Center offers job-seekers, students, businesses and career professionals access to a comprehensive array of employment-related services and tools in one convenient location. Residents of Forest County can utilize resources such as career counseling, career planning, resume assistance, direct job placement, classroom and on-the-job-training, unemployment compensation and much more.

Whether looking for a job, facing a career transition, seeking new skills, or you just want a new start, visit the Forest County Economic Development Partnership Workforce Development Center, your workforce connection for the following services:

  • ·         Career counseling
  • ·         Job search assistance
  • ·         Connections to employers with current job openings
  • ·         Resume Building
  • ·         Job search strategies
  • ·         Interviewing skills
  • ·         Referrals to education and training programs
  • ·         Apprenticeship information
  • ·         Access to computers


Area employers are encouraged to send job opening to the center for publication and listings to Forest County Residents.  Our goal is to bring the businesses and workers in Forest County together through connections and shared resources.


For more information or to make an appointment with the Job Center of Wisconsin Specialist please call (715) 478-3450.


Remember, FCEDP is here for the resident’s, municipalities and businesses of Forest County.

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