Sep 14

FCEDP to be featured at WEDA Fall Conference

Members of the Forest County Economic Development Partnership (FCEDP) have been asked to participate and offer a session at the 2015 WEDA (Wisconsin Economic Development Association) Fall Conference in Wisconsin Dells September 23-25, 2015.

Forest County has a unique partnership that others are watching and learning from.  The Forest County Public/Private Partnership is really the way of the future for economic development organizations across the state and country.  Collaboration across key groups is how economic development thrives in any community, especially rural communities.

The session FCEDP will be presenting is on how in rural communities, strong collaboration across stakeholder groups can be the difference between a growing, vibrant local economy and one that is stagnating. This session will focus on a unique public-private partnership in Forest County that brings together municipalities at the county, city and town levels, local businesses, UW-Extension, two tribal entities, the school systems, and the local technical college, among others in an effort to bring new businesses and investment to Forest County. Forest County Economic Development Partnership (FCEDP) representatives will share how the partnership was formed and has evolved, their motivations for engaging in the partnership, FCEDP’s major achievements as well as areas that need additional focus.  Speaking on behalf of FCEDP will be: Eugene Shawano, Jr. (President of FCEDP), RT Krueger (FCEDP Board Member), Paul Millan (FCEDP Vice President), Steve Nelson (UW-Extension and FCEDP Ex-Official Board Member), Joshua Jameson (FCEDP Executive Director), Angi Schreiber (Grow North Executive Director) and Naletta Burr (WEDC Community Account Manager).

For questions or more information please call (715) 478-3450 or email: director@forestcountywibusiness.com.

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